Friday, December 9, 2011

Mohammed Azharuddin and the Cricket Academy

Mohammed Azharuddin

I have been thinking for quite sometime to write an article or a blog on this subject and finally, today I could sit and write. I could have written anytime but it is such an important blog that I feel would be read, shared and recommended by many and might even become a movement and a public demand. As we all know that Mohammed Azharuddin emerged in the cricketing world as a legend with a grand and the historic entry of three consecutive centuries in first three test matches on the trot. What a way to start off the career. I am sure the legends of criecket must have envied his debut and he just didn't stop there and went on to become the most successful captains in the history of Indian Cricket. He is the one who started the winning streak and developed the killing stint in the Team India. He was truely a god gifted cricketer all in one. He is the one who raised the fielding standard of the team India.

It was Azharuddin whose grace and his wristy magic had once prompted John Woodcock, a noted, renowned and respected Cricket writer, to say " Its no use asking an Englishman to bat like Mohammed Azharuddin. For, it would be like expecting a greyhound to win the London Derby".

Mohammed Azharuddin, comes from the city of pearls and it very rarely happens that the city which is famous for pearls has also produced a diamond who took the entire world under his spell. The city of Hydeabad boosts of many things but unfortunately what is missing here is the World Class Cricket Academy in the very city of Hyderabad where Azharuddin belongs to and was once known as Azhar's city. Azhar had put Hyderbad on the global map and the then Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had requested Azhar to come and share the dias with Mr.President Bill Clinton when he had visited Hyderabad because Chandrababu knew there is nobody who could match the calibre of Clinton, but Azhar was on his national duty and playing in Dubai and BCCI did'nt allow Azhar to visit Hyderabad for a day as without him, BCCI felt the team composition would be weak and the same Chandrababu Naidu had turned down the application of Mohammed Azharuddin for setting up the world Class Cricket Complex in Hyderabad. I would like to mention here that it was the same Chandra Babu Naidu was running after the MNC's literally begging to come and set up their shops on the wakf properties in Hyderabad but ignored what could have been the world's famous destination the "Azhar's Cricket Academy and Complex".

However, Chandra Babu was kind enough to have alloted the land to Pullela Gopichand to set up a huge Academy and the Stadium for the less popular game, but I appreciate this. Every sport should be encouraged and partronised by the state but why, in case of Azhar, Chandra babu has shown an indifferent attitude. Was it because of his proximaity to the NDA or was his political compulsion to be in the good books of his political bosses Advani ji and Vajpayee ji. Why this discrimination with Mohammed Azharuddin. ?

It is high time that the state government should come forward and invite Azhar to set up the world class Cricket Complex in Hyderabad which would be a real tribute to Azhar's services to the game of Cricket. Through his willow, he won the hearts of millions of peopel across the religious beliefs and they all loved him and continue doing so which has become evident in 2009 lok sabha elections where he won with a grand majority. 

Shri N.Kiran Kumar Reddy, Hon'ble CM, A.P.

This is the perfect timing as the beloved Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri N.Kiran Kumar Reddy is also a cricketer and Azhar palyed under his captaincy and it will be a feather in the cap of our beloved Chief Minister if the land is alloted to Mohd.Azharuddin to set up the Cricket Academy, his long standing dream  would be cherished.

Recently, a renowned writer and a historian Mr.Amaresh Misra has written a very good article in Times of India wherein he has eloborately described Azhar's contribution for the cause of Secularism. He writes that just 54 days after the demolition of the Babri Mosque, on 29th January 1993, Azharuddin scored a rollicking 182 against England at Eden Gardens. Scored in a characteristic, elegant and flowing, style, with the wrist flick in full display, Azhar’s century played a vital role in cooling tempers right after the highly unfortunate Ayodhya event. In fact, more than any Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai rhetoric, Azhar’s rise as one of India’s best  cricketer, his  successful stint of captaincy, kept Muslim youths away from rebellion in the 1990s, when Sangh Parivar-right wing forces were mercilessly trying to kill Muslims and destroy India’s secular fabric.  

A nation which should have been grateful to one of its patriotic sons has not even reinstated Azhar’s reputation after nothing was found against him in the match fixing controversy. Then in 2009, Azhar joined politics and won the Moradabad Parliamentary constituency from a Congress ticket. The Cricket Academy will inspire the YOUTH of not only the state but of the entire country to emulate this great cricketer and we can see many Azharuddins being produced.

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